✨ Our aim is to be the ultimate companion to your Matchday experience

Matchday XP was born out of our own personal frustration with the betting climate and having no easy way to bet against your friends. This has been compounded with how badly bookmakers treat their customers, not least with regards to unfair odds, horrible affiliate schemes, and horrible dark patterns, but because they take advantage of the “sociallness” of the average sports fan (you only need to see a typical football betting advert to sense this). It irks us that betting companies goals are not aligned to their customers, there’s not many other industries where this is the case.

🤔 So how do we level the playing field?

We have created a series of tools to help people make the most informed decisions when betting but also the chance to completely remove the bookies from the equation with our weekly contests.

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Group contests

With Matchday XP you play against your group only, that could be a group of 2 people (therefore a 1-v-1) or it could be a large group where the winner takes all - all within a WhatsApp-esque chat.

You buy-in to a contest with MDXP and the winner with the most points at the end of each contest will take the pot of MDXP.

You can then exchange your MDXP for cracking prizes within our shop and get to brag to your mates as you go. We’ve launched with Amazon vouchers, ITunes vouchers, Fifa 18 and plenty more but we’ll keep re-stocking and keep adding new prizes throughout the season.

For now we are starting with weekly contests within each group with the aim to predict the matches that will have the most goals. We think this model is more fun, fairer and ultimately more rewarding and we look forward to releasing more contest types, game types and cash games in future.

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ℹ️ Inform bettors

Now it may not be that difficult to predict an Arsenal mid season collapse or the inevitable Sturridge injury which messes up your fantasy team, but getting those key statistics for an away day against Atleti or assessing how Dortmund have been doing at home can be the difference between bashing the bookies and cashing out with 10p left in the pot.

With this in mind we have put together a suite of tools to give users the best chance to succeed against the bookies by giving them the relevant stats to make informed betting decisions.

📊 Football Prediction Algorithm

However much you may think winning away against United six years ago might matter in your team’s fixture this weekend, it doesn’t. So our prediction algorithm focuses on each team’s recent form, taking a number of factors into account in order to provide users with predicted outcomes in key markets such as outcome, Over 2.5 Goals and Both Teams to Score.

🗣 Social Betting

We’ve seen a betting behaviours change drastically over the last year with betting now more social than it has ever been. People aren’t just betting for monetary gain anymore, it’s about the social kudos and chance to brag to your friends. So building out real time chat and introducing our beta version of ‘Tyler’ the Matchday XP stats bot which is in each chat is our way to facilitate this.

Matchday XP has launched in the app store so get signed up, create your group and get your friends involved.

Compete with friends. Earn FREE swag.