📣 Group Chat

We’ve all been in the situation. It’s closing in on 3 o clock. The kick offs will be rolling in soon and you’re still stuck at your in-laws house while they talk you through their plans for the new extension. Your wife said you’d be 5 minutes, but here you are an hour later and about to miss Soccer Saturday.

Well worry no more. At Matchday XP we have created group chats for this exact situation. Think of it like WhatsApp meets a beautiful vidiprinter.

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We push live events from the matches that matter directly into your group chat so you can keep up-to-date with the latest scores and latest events. Gone are the days of having to chuck “Boooooooooooooom!” into Whatsapp and someone asking you what the score is, all your mates will be in one place reacting to the key events during live games for the top European divisions and MLS.

When you couple group chat with the Matchday XP contests you get a true sense of what we believe social betting is about. It’s not just a flutter in the pub, it’s the ability to even the playing field, remove the bookies and keep the winnings, celebrations and social kudos within a group of friends.

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🤖 Meet ‘Tyler’

To assist you through your group contest, keep you up to date with stats and also keep you informed of all the latest news from the world of football we have developed a ‘bot’ named Tyler.

Think of Tyler as your personal Sky Sports News centre that you can find inside your group chat. He’ll send you a notification when you’ve jumped to the top of the leaderboard, let everyone know who just grabbed a late goal in the game at Stamford Bridge and keep you up to date with all the best news stories from across the footballing globe.

Why not download the app and set up your first group or if you have some further questions take a look at our faqs page.