What is Matchday XP?

Matchday XP is a social betting app to allow groups of friends to compete with each other rather than a bookies. Currently you can do this using Matchday XP Points (MDXP) but eventually users will be able to compete for real cash.

Matchday XP provides relevant statistics to help make informed betting decisions, whether against friends or against a bookies.

Can I get involved or help out?

Of course. If you’d like to be part of our pilot group to shape the direction of the app please contact us.

Is the app available on iOS?

Yes. The app is available for all iOS devices running iOS 9.0+, iPhone and iPad. Matchday XP on the App Store

Is the app available on Android?

Not currently. But we do have plans to build an Android version in the near future.

Do I need an account to use the app?

Yes, once you’ve downloaded the app you’ll be prompted to create an account. After which you won’t need to login again on your device for 4 weeks.

How do you make money?

Currently we make money from Subscriptions to our ‘Premium Account’ which provides additional tools to help improve betting performance. But eventually after acquiring our UK gambling License we’ll look to take a small fee for handling and processing payments between groups of friends betting with each other.

How can I reset my account password?

You can do so in the app. Please visit the login page and tap the Forgot Password link at the bottom of the screen.

How can I delete my account?

Please contact us - we’ll need to validate you are the account owner first.

Group Chat

Who can I invite to a group chat?

You can invite anybody, you could create a large group amongst all friends/family or create groups for certain friendship circles.

Can I change my groups name once it’s been created?

Not currently. We plan to implement this in a future version of the app but for now if you’d like to change this please contact us - and we’d be happy to do this for you.

Can I make someone an admin of a group I’ve created like on WhatsApp?

Not currently. There’s no admin privileges currently required, we may introduce this in future versions.

Can I delete a group?

Not currently, as there’s certain considerations with this, such as if a contest has already started within the group. We plan to implement this in a future version of the app but for now if you’d like to change this please contact us - and we’d be happy to do this for you.

Is it possible to mute a group?

Not currently. But you can disable notifications from friends, news (or all) in Settings

Is there a member limit to groups?

Not currently, although it’s suggested that groups are limited to around 30 people to provide a more seamless contest experience

Can I change my group PIN once it’s created?

Not currently. We plan to implement this in a future version of the app but for now if you’d like to change this please contact us - and we’d be happy to do this for you.

How do I invite someone to a group I’m part of?

Within a group if you tap the header (or group name) > Invite and then select your preferred method to share, Twitter, iMessage, WhatsApp or email. Eventually you’ll also be able to share on Facebook or Messenger directly.

Can I send photos in group chat?

Not currently. We’re exploring whether people want to be able to do this and may implement this in a future version.

Will scores appear in chat?

Scores will appear for all supported teams of users in chat, along with scores from matches which were selected by at least 1 entrant into the contest.

Will news appear in chat?

As part of the complete Matchday eXPerience we’ll look to share timely news from the football world straight into chat to help with social discussions and to help you make more informed betting choices.


What are the rules of contest?

Full contest rules can be found here but in short users pick the matches that they believe will have the most goals in them. For each goal that is scored in that match, the user will receive a point.

Will you be implementing other types of contests, such as last man standing?

We’ll be looking to explore a range of contest types in future versions of the app.

Can I play contests for real cash?

Not currently unfortunately, once we’ve acquired a UK Gambling License this will be possible. For now you can enjoy the luxury of beating friends for MDXP points and claiming the social betting kudos.

What do I do with my MDXP?

You can swap your MDXP for awesome prizes in our shop. Make sure you keep an eye on the prizes available, building your pot and grab the free swag when you have enough!

Will I eventually be able to pool cash and play for larger end-of-season pots?

It’s certainly something we’re considering, but it’s not set in stone yet.

How can I keep track of how I’m doing in a contest?

Whenever a goal is scored for a relevant match we’ll post the latest standings directly in chat, but you can also visit the Standings to view within the contest.

What happens if multiple people finish on the same points in a contest?

The contest pot is split between all winning contestants equally.

How can I check my payouts?

You can do so by tapping the MDXP button in the top right of the group screen or your profile within Settings

Will I receive a push notification when a goal is scored?

No, while we have considered providing this service we’ve instead focused on providing notification related to the progress and standings changes within a contest. The score is posted to chat though.


What leagues do you support?

We support all major European leagues, including English Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, Spanish La Liga, Segunda, French Ligue 1, Ligue 2, German Bundesliga, Bundesliga B, Italian Serie A, Serie B, Major League Soccer (MLS), Dutch Eredivisie and Portugese Primiera Liga.

What cups and competitions do you support?

Champions League

What stats do you have?

We have circa 5 season of historical match data and match events, ranging from goal scorers, assists, cards and outcomes.

How are your match predictions calculated?

There are 4 major factors which go into calculaing the predicted chance of each match, those are the overall teams “ability” (think FIFA star rating), their current league form, their performance in past matches vs the current opponent, and their performances when playing at home/away respectively. This can typically be seen as a perfect problem for a Hierarchical Bayesian Poisson Model for those who are more stastically inclined 🤓.

There’s 2 further aspects we are looking to explore with this in future iterations, which is key player absences and crowd sourced opinions. With all of these factors we would look to combine into a multiclass classification model to generate predictions from machine learning rather than a cusotm algorithm.

Can I get push notifications when there’s a goal in any match I want to pre-select?

Not currently, but something we’re exploring for future versions.

Do you provide team news and lineups?

Around 1 hour before the game we will typically have lineups available for matches, which you can explore on the dashboard and which is shown with an “amber” dot on the main match dashboard.

Top Picks

What are top picks?

Top Picks is a premium service which gives power users access to additional tools to help with their betting. Full details of these can be found in the Top Picks tab, within the app.

How accurate are top picks?

Like any and all prediction / statistics there’s always additional factors that can’t be foreseen and factored into the chance calculator (weather, ground, emotions, pressure, in-play injuries etc.) but on the whole we aim to provide the stats which will at least help make users make more informed betting choices. As we see it, it can’t be a detractor to use the predictions as part of an overall betting strategy.

What different subscription types do you have?

Monthly pass and a season long pass (which is heavily discounted) - you can see the current prices for these in the app Top Picks tab.