🚨🚨 All the Notifications

You’ve all seen them. The little notifications that pop up on your phone telling you about something that is happening inside an app that you have downloaded. Whether that’s a friend who has messaged you, an app informing you about the latest news or more likely a very useless notification asking you to “come back”.

Notifications can be annoying, they can be intrusive and that’s why we at Matchday XP are putting the control over notifications in your hands. This is achieved in two different ways:

💥 Contest Notifications

To make sure everyone is up-to-date with contests we send push notifications. This is us trying to ensure that you don’t miss a week and reduce your chances of getting more MDXP points!

We also send notifications for

📃 News notifications

It’s that Sky Sports News effect where everyone wants to know all of the news from across the globe as quickly as possible. We’ll leave the transfer rumours to others and focus on providing interesting and visual news, including goal clips, stats, infographics and those anecedotes you can discuss with your group.

🍻 Group Notifications

As you would expect from any chat application send you notifications when your friends send messages into your chat group. We’ll also let you know when they join the group in the first place and of any links that get posted into the group.

⚙️ Your Preferences

If you’re not as convinced that you want to hear from your Friends Notifications or know when we have sent one of the latest news stories into chat with our News notifications then we you can toggle these notification types off within your settings.

In the future we’re also planning on adding a further set of preferences so that you can really tailor the information that is sent your way through push notifications.

The roadmap for preferences include:

🍔 Feed Notifications

As well as push notifications we also send updates directly into your group chat feed. This means that you won’t miss out on any of these key notifications when you already have the app open. It aso means you’ll be able to track how the contests are going and who’s saying what within group chat

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