Offers, Prizes and Giveaways - Terms and Conditions

Matchday XP offers a rewards program to earn points (MDXP) by competing in group based and public contests. You may redeem MDXP for rewards in the Matchday XP iOS app.

The program is open to residents who are 18 years of age or older at the time of enrolment and who have a compatible mobile device.

The number of points you earn and redeem will be tracked in your account and journal screen inside of the app. You can earn points by competing in public and group based contests, where contest specific rules apply.

The number of MDXP required to redeem a reward may be modified by Matchday XP at any time at its sole discretion.

Matchday XP may at any time in its absolute and sole discretion terminate, cancel or modify any account or of any rewards or prizes. You agree that Matchday XP will not be liable for, or be required to provide any compensation to you with respect to the termination, cancellation or modification of any account or of any rewards or prizes which may have accrued at the time of such termination or modification.

Matchday XP at our sole discretion may at any time, without incurring liability for compensation or for any loss, terminate, cancel or otherwise void or invalidate, any account, rewards of any nature, in particular but not limited to circumstances where a third party which is accessed through our App or services provided by Matchday XP terminates its relationship or stop offers, prizes and giveaways to You for any reason whatsoever or the provision of our services to you is in our absolute discretion, or if no longer commercially viable.

You are responsible for any and all tax liability arising from receiving rewards from Matchday XP. The responsibility reporting of tax liability which you may incur by receiving points or other rewards from Matchday XP is yours.

Offers, prizes and giveaway claims may not be transferred to any third party.

Unless otherwise stated, only 1 prize or reward of a given type can be claimed.

In cases where there is a physical product required to be shipped, a UK based shipping address will be required, in no circumstances will this be shipped to a country outside of the UK.

You agree to use Matchday XP only in the utmost good faith and honesty and you accept that we may determine at our sole discretion that you may have not done so. In consequence of such determination Matchday XP may terminate or suspend your account without prior notice to You.

The following are provided as examples of the use of Matchday XP in bad faith:

Initiating a claims process via in-app chat does not constitute an agreement to award the prize, only after the equivalent MDXP points have been debited from your account will this be deemed an agreement.

Where permitting we will process a claim within 5 working days from agreement, where stock is unavailable or due to mitigating circumstances, this may be up to 30 working days from approval.

We reserve the right to make changes to these Terms from time to time at our sole discretion.

Under no circumstances will a virtual prize, such as vouchers or app downloads, be eligible for return or refund unless otherwise stated.