Contest rules and regulations


The rules outlined in this document apply to contests entered in the Matchday XP iOS app.


Matchday XP reserves the right to suspend any of its contest offerings at any time at its sole discretion. This could include suspension to undertake administrative work, to protect customers or to close markets as a result of suspicious behaviour and patterns.

1. Joining a Contest

Users can enter contests between the times specified within each separate contest. These dates are indicated as ‘Picks open’ and ‘Picks close’. When entering a contest, the user must finish the full entering process before the picks closing time in order to be entered successfully into the contest

When a contest is in play current standings will be provided to the user.

2. Tie Break rules

In the instance of a tie break the pot will be split equally by all contest participants who are deemed to have the most points.

3. Automatic settlement

4. Payout Structure

When a contest is settled the user with the most points within their contest group will win the MDXP points that were used to buy in to that contest.

The amount of points will be indicated once the contest begins and will be directly related to the amount of users partaking in the contest group.

If there is a tie break the payout will follow the rules indicated in section 2.

5. Sponsorship

Matchday XP is in no way sponsored by Apple and Apple have no involvement in the contests or sweepstakes provided by Matchday XP

6. Contact

Users can contact our support at Users should include a description of their problem.

This document is subject to constant updates. Customers should refer back to this document in case any rule changes affect them.