I think we could all predict a comprehensive Bundesliga title win for Bayern Munich or that Neymar will be too good for Guingamp in their upcoming visit to Paris, but knowing how often West Ham concede at home or the statistics on how well Monaco are managing without all of their superstars can be the difference between bashing the bookies with your acca, beating your mates in a Matchday XP contest or cashing out with 10p left in the pot.

Matchday XP gives you a suite of statistics to help you get understand the form of teams, players and trends of how teams typically perform against one another.

We care about form and the impact it has on the outcomes of football matches. With this in mind our predictions are based upon recent team form, taking in a number of factors to provide you with predicted outcomes in all your favourite markets.

Our Competitions

We have an abundance of data from across europe and support all the major European Leagues including:

… and to top it off we also have predictions, in-play data and live events from the 🇪🇺 Champions League.

Our Predictions

Using our prediction algorithm, which takes into consideration the historical data of each team across goals, results and conditions, we provide a percentage probability of a result occurring.

This means that with Matchday XP you are able to easily digest the likelihood of an outcome in each fixture across all of our competitions in these categories:

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Alongside this in our Premium Account we also provide our Top Picks and Combination bets.

Top Picks Premium

Matchday XP provides a daily list of the outcomes with the highest chances of occurring. However it is NOT just a list of all the favourites so don’t expect to only ever see Barcelona to win at home against Levante.

We compare the most likely outcomes with our own algorithm to find you the most valuable bets on the market. If our statistics highlight something that the bookies are missing then we provide you with those selections so that you have the chance to make the most money from each pick.

Top Picks is a truly awesome way to arm yourself against the bookies and find the diamonds in the rough.

Combination Bets Premium

In our premium accounts you also get access to combination bets. This is where we provide the most likely games that will either be:

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Our statistics are broken down into 3 main categories:


Before kick-off Matchday XP offers you a multitude of statistics and predictions that should help you make the best decisions when it comes to your betting and contest picks, but we also keep those predictions available after kick-off incase you miss those deadlines and fancy an in-play flutter.


As soon as they come through we let you know that we have the team sheets so you can see who has made the starting 11 and who hasn’t. Never get caught shy when you want to bet on Aguero first goal scorer but Pep has decided to opt for Gabriel Jesus and Sterling instead!

Player Stats

For each fixture we give you the teams top goalscorers in that competition but also the chance to drill down and get a profile of each player.

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Goal Scorer Hot Shots Premium

As part of our premium account offering we will soon be bringing the goalscoring hotshots from across Europe. This will basically enable you to see who’s been grabbing those crucial first goals, who’s been scoring consistently and give you all the data you will need to get those lucrative first goalscorer selections nailed.

It can be easy to pick Harry Kane to score first for Spurs but what about who is most likely to score first in the late Kick off in Portugal between Sporting Lisbon and Benfica?

Head to Head

We give you the breakdown of how these teams have fared against one another historically. If you don’t want to be surprised by your favourite teams traditional ‘bogey team’ then you might want to check out the head to head football stats.

Historical Results

Matchday XP has an in-depth breakdown of teams previous results and we give it to you in an easily digestible manner. Recent Results:

Not so recent results:

Goal Stats

Alongside the goalscorer stats we also have goals per game statistics readily available to you. We breakdown the last 20 games highlighting the amount of times each team has been involved in:

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Acca Builder Premium

The Matchday XP Acca builder is a highly customisable way of building your own accumulator. You can customise:

Once you’ve done that. Simply click ‘Build Acca’ and Matchday XP will return it’s most valuable accumulator for the stipulations you have made.

Building your accumulator could not get easier!

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Once a match goes in-play we’ve still got you covered. We’ve got live scores to keep you bang up to date with latest events. Matchday XP doesn’t just bring you the goals but also:

In-Play Insights Premium

Our in-play insights provide betting tips based upon match data. Are Chelsea likely to turn it around? Can Mourinho benefit from Fergie time? Our in-play insights aims to answer those questions and get you that crucial in-play value.

Post Match

Once a game is concluded you can still view all of the match events that occurred in the games, quick scan the list of results in our results list, check the affect the final whistle has had on the league table and importantly use the results to gloat against your friends in our group chat and the goal stats to help you pick out your next picks in an upcoming contest